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20/20 Solution:
Add our 20/20 Mounting Solution for only $7.99!
Our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution, when applied to the graphic side of your aquarium background and attached to the back of your tank, aides in a secure adhesion, seals out air bubbles and actually enhances the background image's color and contrast!

The results are dramatic!  Our special safe, oil based liquid creates a light enhancing contrast and color dynamic that will make your background "pop" and look many times more detailed, clear and professional.  The final touch for a true and perfect aquarium theme!  Read more about our 20/20 Mounting Solution!

Compared to SeaView™ Mounting Solution.  Get twice the amount for the same price and no additional shipping!
Optional Accessories

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Add our LED Bias Lighting System for only $39.99!
Really show off your aquarium and fish display with our LED Bias Lighting System! Choose your color and theme, set to steady, flash or strobe and their rates, even control the brightness.

Our LED Bias Lighting System can be mounted to the back of your aquarium to illuminate the wall behind in a cascade of colors or to the wall itself to project and/or tint through our backgrounds.  Yes...our backgrounds are designed to support back lighting just like a TV or computer monitor.

Read more about our LED Bias Lighting System!
LED Lighthing:
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